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February 14, 2007

Toward the Constitution
Economic difficulties, land mean power, 120 thousand living in the unprohibited areas to the West
Shay’s Rebellion (1786-87)
Northwest Ordinance (1787) New York and other areas gave up land to the West
1) Nationalism – states gave up claims, vote of confidence
2) Education – 1/16 of all resources in any territory set aside
3) Slavery – Not while Territory, trouble dealing with another way
4) Equality Principle – Admitted as state considered equal, either in $ equal
or not in
Constitutional Convention 1787
“Small State Plan”- New Jersey
“Large State Plan”- Virginia
roger sermon after looking at constitutional convention 3/5 Compromise, one of the houses # of population and other house inserted from the state.

Federalism ***** find in text book, tradition, experience to make actions within gov’t, special interests within states and to acknowledge minority
Confederation the states of a pact within the states, all states must approve
Nationalism you have one central government

Republics do not work if to large, no compromise, keep everyone the same like us

Handout – Constitution
1) Article I, and 7
2) Article VI

Federalist Papers- to prove it would work,
A) Republicanism- a scheme of representation, could back fire if factions arrive
B) Federalism- relationship of state and nation government, minorities maintained within state
C) Separation of powers – balancing, body of men in which no relationship between men in two parties, balance within Democracy
D) Faction – group that shows special interest , two ways to maintain, remove idea or deal with

Matthew Sargent