###The Republican War On Frustrated, Ugly Hags; Well, This One

Liz skips Harvard Powwow

Senatorial wannabe Elizabeth Warren, aka Fauxcahontas, said she listed
herself as a minority in law school directories because she was hoping
to meet others with Native American roots. So isn?t it a shame that Liz
took a pass on last weekend?s 17th annual Harvard Powwow????

The Harvard Law School prof was campaigning on the North Shore last
Saturday while Harvard?s Native American Program filled Radcliffe Yard
with Native American singers, dancers and drummers.

?The Harvard Powwow ... is a great way to bring local tribes into the
Harvard community, acknowledging the ancestral homelands, and show our
heritage,? Cesar Alvarez ?13, the incoming president of Native Americans
at Harvard College, told the Harvard Gazette.

Warren, who is running against Sen. Scott Brown, has been taking heavy
political flak since it was revealed she claimed to be a minority based
on family lore about ancestors from the Cherokee and Delaware tribes.
However, Warren?s campaign has been unable to provide any proof of her
Native American ties.

And although Warren claims she never used her purported heritage when
applying for jobs, she did list herself as a minority in The American
Association of Law Schools directory, which administrators have used to
seek diversity job candidates.

?I listed myself in the directory in the hopes that it might mean that I
would be invited to a luncheon, a group, something that might happen
with people who are like I am,? Warren told the Herald. ?Nothing like
that ever happened, that was clearly not the use for it, and so I
stopped checking it off.?

But if she was so interested in meeting Native Americans, why did Liz
skip out on the Powwow ? a perfect opportunity to commune with her peeps
right in her own backyard???

And why did the head of the Harvard?s Native American Program tell
Breitbart News that, as far as she can recall, Liz never attended any of
their programs during her years at the school?

The Warren campaign declined to comment yesterday, but the state GOP
wasn?t going to pass up the opportunity.

?If Professor Warren were truly interested in meeting Native Americans
at social gatherings as she claimed last week, then she would have
attended this Harvard-sponsored event intended to bring Native Americans
together, or any other event sponsored by the Harvard University Native
American Program,? said party spokesgal Alleigh Marre. ?The fact that
Professor Warren apparently wasn?t interested in Native American
activities on campus is another blow to her already-damaged

So where was Liz while the Native Americans were doing their thing on
the Radcliffe Lawn? According to her tweets, the candidate spent April
28 at the Third Middlesex Area Democrats Breakfast in Waltham, the Three
Towns & Two Cities Breakfast with more Dems in Newburyport, campaigning
in Lynn, and hanging with the local branch of the American Federation of
Teachers in Quincy.