Am I Racist?

I'm white. I'm conservative. Am I a racist? I hang out with black
guys at a mostly black sports bar and some of them (half jokingly
perhaps say I'm a honky cracker so I'm automatically racist. Well, my
dark secret is that my favorite people on Earth are black, so am I
racist against whites? Truth is, maybe I come down hard on racist
whites OR blacks who combine exploitative racial identity with
LEFTISM. It's hard especially these days for a black to be
conservative. For example:

My deeply good friend Rex, who is black enough to qualify as a real
black person and not mocha light or whitish with 'black' features,
bravely saved my life in 1986 when I was attacked in a City park by
white hooligans. He employed dominant verbiage and physical presence
as well as bodily action in this deed. (That's how we met, but I had
seen him around.) He's now a successful Republican entrepeneur. Is
he an oreo? If so, I know so well he's had a long road of hard work
getting there.

My fave humans on the planet (excluding sports stars for now) include
Clarence Thomas (victim of an outrageously racist lib Dem Senate
machine in his confirmation), Thomas Sowell (formerly a Marxist who
now has seen the light), Michael Steele (who has the courage to be
called an Uncle Tom and still forge on), Charles Paine (who had to
grow up accused of acting white), Niger Ennis (who challenges the
leftist enviro machine on using DDT to control malaria-causing
mosquitoes in Africa), and J. C. Watts (who defied his own family
patriarchs to become Republican). I don't admire Juan Williams (who
blows hot and cold left and right depending of the Fox forum).
Anyway, keeping it "fair and balanced," I myself also admire SOME
whites, e.g., G. W. Bush but not so much his daddy G.H.W. Bush. Rex
agrees with me on this and most other opinions (but not all by any

When Rex is with other blacks and me at the bar he talks real fast and
goes on like (supposed to be humorous?): "You'll be makin tracks to
dis bar nggr before Bartrack Obanga thface-
eatnchmpngrcommiefugnmonkyfodemonkyfugrcommies gets done widja. Thank
the stars and da cable-satellite capitalist welfare industries for C-
SPAN revealin' all dem funky flunky black perguessives & thanks too to
de Red Chinese Commy capitalist pigs who learned it all fum us but,
HEY! dey ain't got no unions. Instead, dey got dey yella slaves.
Now ain't dat some sh...? How I gonna match up against dat sh....?
Guess I gotta go out n'roun' me up some slaves o SOME color er de
other. Don't care a damn de color on it jis so's dey work dey buns
so's I kin compete wid da damnyellachnks. N'thank da stars too fo 8
years o Dubya widdout da which we'd all black & white & yella too
right now be diggin' outta da radioactive rubble o America like
Haitians bein' dug outta da port o da prince who by da way wouldn't a
used it even fo his slummin' down aroun town outhouse like I's adoin'
right now...& you wouldn't neither. But now you kin choose over here
'cause dis here's America."

Is he racist? Or just spoofy jive talking? I know he is, but what am