India’s State terrorism

Zaheerul Hassan

On every June 6, Sikhs carry out the protest world over against the
state brutality of India in June 1984 in which military attacked on
the holiest shrine of the Sikh religion, the Golden Temple in
Amritsar, and 38 other Sikh temples throughout Punjab. Over 20,000
Sikhs were murdered in these attacks. The President of the Council of
Sikhs has also planned a protest against India’s testing of nuclear
weapons and its deployment of nuclear-capable ballistic missiles in
Punjab thus putting the lives of the Sikh Nation in grave risk. Before
discussing the title further, let’s memorize the tragic slaughter
which took place on June 4th, 5th and 6th of 1984 in the premises of
the Golden Temple and Akal Takht. The Indian Army, under orders from
Indira Gandhi government, without warning, assaulted the walls with
heavy artillery, tanks, Howtziwer guns, and other mechanised weapons.
Surprisingly, the attack coincided with the religious celebrations on
the occasion of the birthday of the Fifth Guru of the Sikhs. Guru
Arjan Dev himself was martyred while defending the dignity of the
Sikhs. Two main conclusions emerge from this attack, firstly to
humiliate the highest spiritual leader of Sikhs and secondly
terrorizing, crushing Sikh nation, their dignities and their struggle
for Khalistan Movement. Kashmir Cause is another pinching throne in
the neck of Indian since 1947. The ruler of J&K, Maharaja Hari Singh
initially did not exercise the option to join either of the two
dominions and later on announced its annexation of India against the
will of Kashmiries. The National Conference led by a highly disloyal
leader Mr Sheikh Abdullah followed by his son Mr. Farooq Abdullah
played anti nationalism role by favouring illegal actions of Indian.
Thus these two personalities will always be known as Kashmiri’s Mir
Jaffar and Mir Sadiq of current century. They were always being hatred
and disliked by the nation. Indian rulers tried but failed to win the
sympathies of the Muslims of Kashmir for overwhelmingly Hindu Rulers.
On 01 Jan 1948, Pakistan took up the issue of Indian aggression in J&K
to the UN, Ever since the state of J&K has remained a bone of
contention between these two countries. They fought four wars over
Kashmir Dispute. UN too passed its Resolution of resolving the issue
according to the will of the people but despite various agreements,
still the issue remained unsettled..

Unfortunately, in 1947 at the time of independence, Hindu leader ship
successful created differences amongst Muslims and Sikhs just to
achieve its hidden aim of rearing breed of smaller communities. As
result, million of Muslims and Sikhs were murdered and lost their
property too while migrating from Pakistan to India and visa – vise.
Basically so called Indian secular state believe in racial
discrimination, expansionism, and state terrorism to complete her
mission of creation of “Maha Baharat “through elimination of
minorities and annexing small states of the region since its
inception. Examples of annexing Sikkim, Hyderabad, Jona Garh, Kashmir
and claiming Chinese territory are amply highlighting the desire of
Indian rulers. Indian government is claiming Kashmir as their “ATTOOT
TUNG” and tried to make part of their constitution. The continuation
of Article 370 under whose cover the state of Jammu & Kashmir enjoys a
special status, is totally unjustified and it is within the power of
the President of India to make it inoperative. An Indian citizen who
is an ordinary resident of Jammu & Kashmir is not allowed to contest
elections there. Does it not show that Jammu & Kashmir has become
virtually an oligarchic state? Indian security forces are trying their
level best to stop the Kashmir movement but in vein. Million of
innocent people were murdered or taken away; thousand of women were
raped or harassed as well as to threatens. The recent report of
amnesty international described that 940 mass graves were found in
just Uri district.

On May 28,2008 amnesty International alleged that there had been gross
violation of human rights, including in Nandigram in West Bengal,
Kashmir and other part of the countries. According to the similar
nature of report of the Punjab State court and human rights groups
claimed that more than 250,000 Sikhs have been eliminated / tortured
by the Indian governments in the last 14 years. Thus Hindu Nationalist
groups supported by the state actually overtly or covertly are
undertaking crushing operation of both the communities. The analyses
of Kashmir struggle and Operation Blue Star reveal that Indian state
terrorism has miserably failed to curb Kashmiri and Khalistan
Movements. The brutal actions of security forces are further
increasing the will of liberation of victimized individuals. Both the
nations are fighting for the battle of their rights and survival. They
did realize that Hindus are conspiring against them and working on the
agenda of elimination of minorities. Operation Blue Star was not like
a blue moon but in reality it was the logical culmination of a very
long-standing policy of state interference into religious matters. The
concentrated and brutal actions against Sikhs and killing Kasmiries
Muslims symbolized the policy of religious divisions in India.

Moreover it was also an effort of RAW to divide moderates and
fundamentalist Sikhs. It was not something sudden, unexpected, or as
New Delhi tried to present it, but it was planned, deliberated,
launched with a view to achieve the earlier prescribed results in
relation to anti minorities’ Policy. This action of Indian government
led to the assassination of Prime Minister Indra Gandhi. This policy
of division and diversion through a single weapon of Religion is
basically a fruitless effort of Indian ruling parties to keep the
people disoriented from the economical and political problems. The
destruction of Babri Mosque, attack on Hazratbal and burning of
churches and temples in Gujrat are the true reflection of so called
secular state. On Feb 9th, 2008, LT Gen Hamid Gul, ex-ISI Chief too
validated the story about the CIAs involvement in the assassination of
Benazir assassination which was pre-planned and executed via
triangulation by Khad, RAW, CIA and Mossad . Mossad admitted helping
India Kargil involvement recently.. The sole purpose of the covert
Khad, RAW, CIA, Mossad operations is to destabilize Pakistan. At this
time of juncture, I will also like to suggest our Pakistani Political
leadership, Lawyers Movements and Ex - Genrals to strong hand of newly
elcted government and Armd Forces instead unintesntionally /
intentionally working for the Forign Agenda by giving irresposible
statements to the media and pushing the country twords anarchy . The
current interview of Lt Gen (R) Gulzar Kyani to’ GEO’ aired on May
31 , 2008 was some how again reopening of dead debate of Jamia Hafsa
which can harm the country and will never be taken as service to it.

Concluding the discussion, I must say that Operation Blue Star and
crushing Kasmiries are very much co-related and just representing
concentrated expression of the violence and anarchy wreaked by the
Indian against its own people and innocent Kasmiries. Indian
Government anti-terrorist squads are running their parallel states in
far flung parts of the country. She cannot hide the fact that its
policy since its inception is to exterminate the fighters of Kashmir
has been a failure and it is resorting to more drastic and draconian.
The double face of so called secular country becomes quite evident
from their adventurous approach adopted by her forces while handling
the religion affairs. COURTESY Pakistan Observer.