Re: NEW allegations against Obama - unanswered - UNANSWERED!!!

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Inquiring minds WANT TO KNOW!

....where Bush was during his missing Guard year and
what went on in Cheneys Energy Task Force meetings and what
was in the 8000 pages the Bush removed from the Iraq WMD
dossier and why the WhiteHouse emails were destroyed and
how many secret prisons the US is running around the
world and what Bush is doing about Irans nuclear program
and where are the WMD's that Bush said Saddam had and why
Blackwater deserves legal immunity for what they are doing
in Iraq and why Bush won't answer any questions about his
prior drug use................

Thank You for reminding the original poster what the cost of "lying"
is. Can you say the murder of almost a million innocent people?

No NO! You are now getting this ALL WRONG! When you put together the
facts that:

A. Obama sounds like Osama
B. Obama's *middle name* is HUSSEIN

with the information we can glean from FOX News, you just have to
CONNECT THE DOTS to see that Obama is PROBABLY a Muslim and POSSIBLY a
Terrorist - a TERRORIST!!!

Watch Fox News.