Equal incomes quarantee the working of a society

A state is a functional whole. Only when all its functional parts
function properly, functions the whole well. If money and power are on
the hands of the few, those who own them do not have time or patience
to look after each detail. Consequently the working of the society
If on the other hand, those who live and/or work among those numerous
small faults would have enough money and power in their handfs, they
would repair everyhting into good functioning order. They would also
be well motivated to do so because they would find their lives so
easier. Consequently the society would benefit.
So it is not economically correct to not to spend enough money on the
wages of the poor and powerless. Higher wages for the poor might mean
more income for also those who are economically well of, like we see
from the high standard of living of the democratic and moral European