The Israel You Don't See on the News

?The Israel You Don't See on the News

For to take the time to expose media deception when it comes to the American corporate media's coverage of Israel and all things related would be silly at this point in history. It would be like using a flashlight to point out the sun. The media bias is so obvious that it would be laughable if it were not so unjust.

What Americans do not realize however, is the extent of media deception and information control that is official Israeli policy. Yes, by policy and with the total agreement and cooperation of all the Israeli TV news media, Israeli military censors have the final say on every single Israeli military operation that is covered by their media. Every single news item that is viewed by Israeli citizens on their own media in their own so called democracy is government censored.

We hear accusations of bias in media outlets like Al Jazeera in the Arab world and on outlets like FOX News here in America, but we never hear about the cooperative deception campaign between the Israeli media and their government.

The world can not blame the Israeli citizens for their harsh opinions of Palestinians or any other Arabs because they are fed a controlled one sided and deceptive stream of propaganda masquerading as news.

The most important freedom one can have in a democracy is a truly free press for without a free press the citizens can never really be sure about the legitimacy of their democracy. America does not have a national journalism industry. I challenge anyone who claims different to a public discussion about this. And Israel clearly does not have a free press and they are quite open about this.

So I ask all of the blind supporters of Israel this question: If Israeli news media clearly and openly take part in complete government censorship, how can you possibly trust them and how can you logically dismiss news and information that contradicts their claims?

Think about it.
Jesse Richard - Editor,

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