Re: Obama

On 2/21/2011 1:52 AM, Topaz wrote:

In this video Duke criticizes Obama for the US vetoing the resolution denouncing Israel for continuing to build settlements in Palestine. He is correct. He then criticizes "the left" for supporting Obama. You and him both know very well that the left and some liberals oppose the Israeli settlement-building.

But one issue that should be addressed is your assertion that the Jews control the world, or at least the "white nations". Obviously the US is Israel's biggest defender, but every other member of the UN Security Council voted for the measure. That includes the "white nations" of Bosnia, Portugal, Germany, the UK and France. Hell, France even has a Jewish president who states he is pro-Israel. 120 nations signed on to the resolution; some of them must be white or have white populations as well. Doesn't this show that Israel and the Jews don't have the control over the world you say they do?