Re: Hitler's personal aid no knowledge of the Holocaust.

On 9/4/2009 6:36 PM, Jeffrey Krantz wrote:
You are one of its agents, although you probably think you have free
will in this matter. You don't. You are merely a tool that is being used to protect this living myth. There are many other tools who protect the myth. Just as it punishes those who criticize it, the myth rewards those who defend it.

But all this will be beyond your understanding. Don't worry your head about it.


OK as an agent I ask
Where are my aunts??
How about that picture I saw OF MY FATHER in Auschwitz in Yad Vashem??
Where are my uncles and my cousins from Raadom Poland??
Where did the 100K jews of Greece disappear to??

Myth?? a tool. You are an anti semitic Hitler loving idiot.
But do you know what you do prove??? The legitimate reason for the State of Israel, the need for the State, and the fact that Jews need protection from
people like yourself.

LOL, protection from me? I'm no threat to anyone, let alone a state. I'm merely someone who has opinions, and feels that he has a right to express them to other human beings. Since some of those opinions run contrary to Zionist propaganda, they are unpopular with you. I don't attack you, I don't abuse you, I don't even use harsh language towards you. Have a good life, be happy, go in peace, I've got nothing against you.

But I do have opinions, and some of them are opinions you've been trained to react against, the way a dead frog jumps that has electricity passed through its hind legs. Your reaction is automatic -- you are not even put to the trouble of thinking about it. Isn't it easy that way? Takes all the effort out of it for you, doesn't it?