The Arab lobby

Not that I have ever started the thread of lobbies, I think its important to
see there is another side.
Anti semitism by Arab and Islamic culture is seldom talked about by Arabs
and Islam culuture in their newspapers but yet they ask for and receive
billions in aid and receive visas for millions of people for immigration
anyway . Often hate and terror is what was formulated by Arab leaders
policies only to then be surprised these same people are now terrorists. and
they have to fight them.. These people indoctrined by hate .. then fight
others for every reason possible even attacking the countries that supplied
them with aid for so long and oil money
Their protests of what Israel is supposidly doing with only one percent of
the area is never ever balanced with their support with people who never
want peace. and call for Israels destruction. or religious secularism, Its
hard to understand the
pleas of Israels political liability when Arab countries have telethons for
groups that use to or presently support terrorists
who are for Israels destruction. How do you complain its political when you
support people who
destroy peace treaties and lob mortars and who call for the destruction of
the other country no matter what Israel does anyway? The same Arab
leaders who support Iran leader or talks about rewriting history in their
education classes tells US they are for peace and we will go talk about
peace but don't want to be shown shaking hands for peace.. whats wrong with
this picture?
Its ironic they talk about what Israels wall is doing to them while ignoring
the mortar bombing and pronouncment of no people ever and Israels
destruction . Their support of hate the world over is seldom examined
of their supply of oil. All they have to do is claim its the Israel lobby
and then they have absolutely little obligation to strive for peace and get
aid anyway!
If In case you don't like paying more money then anything
in your life combined, welcome the money you pay Arabs for oil and often
sabotage and hate thrown in as the thanks we get .In addition toholding
American economy at ransom for
decades to spur accumulated wealth to the richest oil families , in
addition they get aid in total equal to Israel only because Israel gets aid
and they have so many people, not because they are doing the right
thing.They are under no ultimatum
to be destroyed for just existing and often have no obligation to have a
democracy or teach truth in their schools. They get the aid solely on the
premises they have so many people and because Israel gets aid. This in spite
of continued good ties with the extremists like Iran leader who threaten
countries to be destroyed and little obligation to try to work for sane
peace. They just have 99 percent of land, people and
all the oil in the region. I assume if someone wants to write about the
Israeli lobby in spite of all that, I imagine they did
----.In addition toholding American economy at ransom for
decades by raising oil to ripoff prices to only lower them marginally
for whatever reason to spur accumulated wealth to the richest oil
families , in
they get Nuke proof cities AND aid in total equal to Israel .We of
course have to fight the
wars they start or help foster from their hate from 9/11 and
Afghanistan and Darfur but hey they do it all well.
Arabs often call Israel an occupier but these Arab funded groups wh pay
others millions like Jimmy Carter fail to mention the (after
we give aid to them) their support to people that often never had any
for peace and want Israel desroyed Its like how can they worry about peace
and policy when they throw fundraisers for the people who don't want any
peace ever anyway? . How can that be? Easy . prefice everything by saying
its a
conspiracy and claim the Jewish lobby stops them from saying it and all of
sudden say it often enough and people in universities get to believe it
( of
course I am sure religion has allot to do with it) . Occupier is a subject
term, that never talks about the tens of different jewish communities in
Arab countries that no longer exist. Many of the jews were run out or
imprisoned or killed from ... their long standing communities in Arab
countries. Many of their synagoguges were destroyed or have very few
left . So unless these same groups worry about all people equally, the 99
percent of Arabs who call the one percent of the area occupiers seems to
have a hollow meaning in reality



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