Re: Nazi Holocaust - videos
Filmed on location at the Auschwitz camp site in Poland, this stunning
video by Jewish-American investigator David Cole shows that the "gas
chamber" that has been displayed to hundreds of thousands of tourists
is actually a propaganda prop. Alicia, an official tour guide, assures
David Cole, on camera, that the "gas chamber" in the main camp that is
shown to visitors is in its original, unaltered state. Then Dr.
Franciszek Piper, head curator of the Auschwitz State Museum,
acknowledges to Cole that this "gas chamber" is actually a postwar
creation. This video also tackles other Holocaust claims, including
the "human soap" fable. Shows that fraudulent "proofs" of homicidal
gassings were produced after the end of World War II, and that
visitors to the Auschwitz camp site have been systematically deceived
for decades.