"The U.S.S. Mayaguez Jr.":

"The U.S.S. Mayaguez Jr.":

31 July 2007, 13:53, 4th Edition

When we knew our active military involvement in Vietnam was toast we attempted to ship tons of weapons to South Vietnam and neighboring countries... one of those shipments was toted aboard the Mayaguez.

Now we're doing the same thing in Iraq... we see the writing on the wall that says our active military involvement in Iraq will soon be toast... so we're attempting to ship tons upon tons of weapons to the region to make the buyers dependent on buying spare parts and replacements for decades to come.

We tried that with Iran and Iraq in the 1980's when we supplied both sides during their war. Both Iran and Iraq got so fond of our F-4's and F-14's their entire Air Forces revolved around those two craft. But Iraq's American-bought planes were useless in 2003 because they had no spare parts to keep them flying... and Iran decided this week to dump their U.S. aircraft and replace them with 250 Russian air platforms... and let's not forget the Chinese who are widely peddling their Walmart-financed military goods throughout Africa... provoking us to recently establish an "African Command" under our country's only four-star black general who isn't expected to succeed, but because Bush racistly purged dozens of senior -- and more competent -- black officers over the past five years the lone Negro was the only guy left.

Folks... we're rowing up S**t Creek under an idiot president who never learned from the Vietnam War because he was too busy going AWOL and getting stoned...


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