Re: Homeschooling is mostly child abuse

spinoza1111 <spinoza1111@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

FYI my kids' education is complete and NOBODY helped us.

The tax system is designed precisely so your stinking, rotten
prejudices don't affect who gets supported and this happens to be a
good thing.

What prejudice of mine?

Your hatred of the black and the poor. Libertarianism is racism afraid
to speak its name.

You know, I'm glad I read posts before I start answering them in full...

The above claim of yours is absurd in the extreme. I hate neither the
poor or the black. In fact, if you took a look at my income statement,
you'd see that by local standards, I'm pretty close to being a minimum
wage worker. (And lets not mention how many of my friends are in the
same category or even below the US poverty threshold).

At this point im podering whether to write you off as one of the
mentally ill who has gotten internet access or an outright troll. In any
case, you're blocked. Piss off and die.

regards , Peter B. P.
Washington D.C.: District of Criminals

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