Google Shopping bans firearms, knives and ammunition from site listings

Google has decided to block all gun, ammunition and knife
advertisements from their shopping channel. These changes are
effective July 1, but have been going into practice, much earlier. A
search on the shopping channel for the keyword, "firearms", yields no
results as of today.

It is expected that rival search engines such as Bing and Yahoo will
follow suit with their shopping channels.

According to an earlier press release by Google, this is an effort to
curb illegal sales where such items are prohibited and is done in the
interest of consumer safety.

According to Google Shopping's conditions, the following products are
not allowed:

Guns, ammunition and knives
Tobacco and cigarettes
Traffic devices
Products related to casino and gambling
Products or digital goods that require additional software
installation in order to be purchased.
Products bundled with service plans.
Hunters, fishermen and law-abiding gun owners are no strangers to
being treated like second-class citizens by politically correct
businesses run amok. Earlier this year, Fox Sports called for the UFC
to ban such advertisements from its fights, despite the fact that
numerous fighters relied on such corporate sponsorship to remain

Google claims to be open-minded and a protector of "freedom of
speech". However their idea of that concept does not extend to