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"Are you unaware that being involved in a crime which causes death
brings first degree murder charges in many places, even if you had
nothing to do with the death?"
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Which is a true statement, Klaus.

Feel free to cite a SINGLE case.

Absolutely, and a very reasonable question.

Aside from the aforementioned Lisl Auman case in Colorado, there is
also the Brandon Hein case in California.

Here's a good coverage of it:

Um, name the person who had NOTHING TO DO WITH the death.
I didn't see anyone like that in this case.

"... he and some teen-age friends got into in a fistfight...."

Looks like they were ALL INVOLVED. That's not NOTHING TO WITH the
death, is it?

Well, maybe on YOUR planet it is

My planet would be Earth, my country would be the USA.

Lisl Auman was in a police car when the death occurred. She had
nothing to do with it. Brandon Hein was in a small altercation that
had nothing to do with the death.

As usual, you are wrong here, Matt.

Of course.

Never mind that I live here and read the story as it happened.
Never mind that EVERY story about Lisl mentions that she had nothing
to do with it.

Guess someone forgot to tell Denver's Channel 7 News:

Matt also said there were no are no crappy fish food chains called "Long
John Silvers" in Colorado!

No, spammy. I said they had gone out of business.  They did, going
bankrupt in 1998.
Since then, they've been owned by YUM, which owns things like Taco
Bell and such,and combines the stores to sell various foods.

Is there _anything_ that you are not stupid about, Matt?

Bankruptcy does not mean "going out of business."

After filing they were under the control of Fleet Boston Bank and were
run by an trustee for the bank.

Some of the underperforming stores were closed, but the bulk of them
(800+ "company" stores; 500 or so "franchise' stores) stayed open and
operating throught the bankruptcy process.

Yorkshire Global Restaurants (a division of A&W Restaurants) bought
the company, 'Lock, Stock and Barrel", from the bank, then sold it to
Yum! Brands, Inc. (FKA Tricon Global Restaurants, Inc.)

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ὅπερ ἔδει δεῖξαι

"Oh, and immediate execution for anyone owning a gun used in a
--Matt Telles, Wed, 15 Dec 2010

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