Re: "Survivor of Virginia Tech Massacre Brings Gun Control Message to Maine"

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<snip>>> Not by getting the hell out of Dodge or hiding under a desk.
That is not
a direct defence by any stretch of your imagination.  It is an
pt to
avoid the confrontation.

You appear to not know what I was referring it. It was an instance
where survivors, one in particular, DID physically struggle against
Cho, they received a battering as he tried to force a door open,
they resisted and Cho gave up. That is defense, not by getting the
hell out of Dodge nor hiding under a desk.

Liar, liar pants on fire.  Apparently everyone but you knows that the
one `76 year old Professor who did attempt to do something by
blocking his classroom door was shot down & killed by Cho.  

If you call that "Surviving" its no wonder you are having such a hard
time with the word "Loophole".

WHO said I was talking about any 76 year old professor? Looks like we
now all know who the liar is, and it's you!

You were both talking about the same incident. Since that was an old
professor, it appears you were both talking about the same thing.

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