Re: Brady Bunch Gets Its Ass Shot Off

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NSSF Applauds Court's Dismissal of Anti-Gun Lawsuit

Opinion by National Shooting Sports Foundation
(March 20, 2009) in Society / Guns
NEWTOWN, Conn. -- The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) --
the trade association for the firearms industry -- lauded a decision
yesterday by the Illinois Supreme Court that dismissed a wrongful
death lawsuit filed in 2001 against firearms manufacturer Beretta
U.S.A. Corp. arising out of a criminal shooting. The court ruled the
case, Adames v Sheehan, was preempted by a 2005 federal law, the
Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, which bars lawsuits against
firearms manufacturers and retailers for the criminal misuse by others
of lawfully sold firearms.

"The Illinois Supreme Court's decision recognized that federal law
preempts misguided lawsuits that seek to blame manufacturers for the
criminal acts of others," said Jeffrey K. Reh, Beretta USA Corp.'s
general counsel and vice general manager.

Why were they suing Berreta?

Because the father left his loaded gun where his kid could get to it.
But leftists think this is Berreta's fault.

They lost.

Mark 1 for the good guys.

I see now it's [cough] a bit out of date, but what the hell.