Re: Prof Lott publishes the 3rd edtion of More Guns, Less Crime.

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"With over 180 pages of new material, the third edition of
More Guns, Less Crime (published by the University of
Chicago Press) covers issues that are most important to
Second Amendment supporters today, as well as those that
were on the front-burner during the battle to protect the
right to keep and bear arms in the 1990s." This piece is for
you, Phil. "Lott also documents how every place in the world that
adopted a ban on guns has experienced an increase in murder
rates, often suddenly and dramatically."

**As usual, Mary Rosh will fail to produce any hard evidence
for this claim. As usual, nor will you.

Trevor Wilson

My apologies, I'm trying to do two things at once and I'm doing
neither very well.

Trevor, it is not my book I don't need to produce any

**Of course. You just parrot information, without first
ascertaining the accuracy of that information.

Is that something akin to verifying the accuracy of a claim that
"a friend can stop his heart"?

**Since I cannot provide verifiable evidence to support such a
thing, you may dispense with that claim.

Why should we disspense with what you claimed to be the truth?

**You should dispense with any claims that cannot be backed by hard

Advice you should take to heart. Since you won't it just illustrates
your hypocracy.

**MY hypocrisy? Does it? How so?

Simple. You shouldn't dispense with making claims that you can't back up
with hard evidence.

Including any of my claims that are not backed by hard

Which would be nearly all of them.

**Really? Cite "nearly all of them".


After all, that's how YOU present a cite.