Re: The Federal Statute Granting Individuals The Right To Bear Arms

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Anybody know where I can find it? It just occured to me that if the
Framers of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights really had granted
individuals a right to keep and/or bear arms, then there should be a
statute that says so. I just searched Statutes at Large, the first
Congresses, and didn't find anything.

Surely your NRA lawloons have found dozens or hundreds of federal
similar to the National Firearms Act of 1934, that regulate or protect
right from 1791 to 1934.

Could you please fully cite those laws in Statutes at Large?

Or shut up.

The Heller decision and the pending incorporation is really eating at you.

Is it just me, or has Lee been acting as crazy as a shit-house rat

I would suggest that he is acting twice as crazy...