Re: Sen.-elect Brown says he supports abortion rights

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So what CAUSED that "spontaneous expulsion"?

Lots of things. If it was done on purpose, it's an abortion. Try
reading those definitions again- and again, if necessary- until the
smell of your burning straw man goes away.

So, a miscarriage is an abortion? Right on, "small government"

You have a reading comprehension problem, don't you? [chuckle]

Is the question the LOVE OF LIFE or the HATRED of people
having SEX? Don't you CARE about the unborn?

You're babbling now. We were talking about purposely killing the
unborn, then you chimed in with some ignorant nonsense about

So if a FETUS dies "accidentally" it's not an "abortion" and you are
OK with it, even though a BABY DIES?

Babies don't die accidentally during an abortion.

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA You would be the LAST person to ask about

I note you failed to address the question. Is stopping a mother from
killing her one year old in the privacy of her own home not "minding
my business?" You OK with that? After al the kid is her property

Gee. PEOPLE aren't property.

Oh, right, you're one of those guys that argues unborn babies aren't
people. I guess they're..... um..... hamsters, right?


Don't you know slavery was outlawed? What does your bible tell you
about that?

You seem to be very sensitive about the Bible. Have I mentioned the
Bible? Did you get beat with one when you were born?