Re: Money Woes Could Stymie GOP Comeback

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"Party donations from both incumbent GOP lawmakers and individual
donors are sharply down."

Dosen't seem to be the situation with Scott Brown, he's raising more
money than Coakley, The money for the 2010 election will come from
the conservatives, the same conservatives that almost elected Doug
Hoffman in NY's 23rd district last November. They will be back and
even stronger this coming November.
Like the rest of the democrats you're too stupid to see the trend.

More you say?

"Politico reported over the weekend that the National Republican
Congressional Committee, the main instrument for fighting
congressional elections, raised one-third as much money last year as
its Democratic counterpart. While the DCCC has $15.3 million going
into 2010, with $2.6 million in debt, the NRCC has $4.3 million left,
with $2 million in debt."

You can't win elections when your base doesn't believe in you.

The tide is turning

Sounds like Mr. Lookout is whistling past the graveyard


Klaus is chucking to himself again. Someone call his nurse