Re: Outback Restaurants say NO to guns

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Trevor Wilson wrote:
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Outback Restaurants here in Tennessee have posted NO GUNS signs,
which by state law means no licensed CCW inside the restaurant.

**Are CCW holders allowed to carry their guns inside the NRA


Hell, you can even SHOOT your gun inside the NRA headquarters.

**In the offices? Do tell. Do you have some evidence to prove that CCW
holders can carry their guns in the NRA offices?

Are NRA employees allowed to carry guns whilst going
about their daily routine in the NRA offices?


**Do you have some evidence to prove that this is the case?

why would they objected? Until you, they aren't a delusional

**Your sentence makes no sense. I'm not the one who carries guns around
because he's afraid of shadows. Only paranoid people carry guns, because
they're frightened.

Just curious.

I doubt that.

**Still curious. After you provide your proof, I will be less curious.

Trevor Wilson