Re: Outback Restaurants say NO to guns

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Outback Restaurants here in Tennessee have posted NO GUNS signs,
which by state law means no licensed CCW inside the restaurant.

I wrote to them about it, and received a reply saying that it is
"company policy" and basically that they don't care if CCW holders
don't like it.

"We are not disrespectful of the rights of gun owners, we merely want
all of our guests to feel welcomed and safe, and frankly see no need
for guns to be brought into restaurants."

So, I guess, having only the law-abiding disarmed is "safe."
Personally, I don't feel at all "welcomed."

-dan z-

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It's the Australian way, we aren't as paranoid as you yanks and don't
feel the need to go around armed all the time.

Which naturally explains your much higher violent crime rate.....

But, hey as long as you FEEL safe, who really cares if you are or not?


Wrong, look at some facts

for 2007 (the most recent figures)
Homicide US - 16929 Australia - 282
Assault US - 855856 Australia - 176427

As the US has about 10x the population of Australia, that implies that you are about 6 times more likely to be murdered in the US and about twice as likely to be assaulted in Australia.

I don't know about you but I'd rather be assaulted than murdered. You can also cut the risk of being assaulted by not getting drunk late at night at the wrong end of town.

That's ONLY true, if you hang out with youg black and hispanic males who are gang-bangers
They are 7 times more likely to be murdered and 5 time more likely to commit murder than the rest of the population

By the way, most people who carry tend not to go around getting drunk in ANY part of town
In FLorida, people with permits are commit less crime than even the police
In Texas, the police will have 6 times more contact with the rest of the population than with permitt holders.

Perhaps the much higher US murder rate has something to do with the prevalence of firearms leading to arguments being settled with the trigger instead of the fist.

The high homicde rate is DIRECTLY CONNECTED to the so-called "Drug War"
The same situation occurred during Prohibition. The criminal gangs fought for turf and control and proceeded to kill each other off in large numbers

I feel just as safe here as I did when I lived in the US, but then I didn't own a gun when I lived there either (neither did I go to the Outback steakhouse for that matter).

And yet you are twice as likely to be assaulted and three times as likely to be raped