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betweentheeyes wrote:

Nancy Ann,

Very good, you have the word 'KILL' only 5 times in your email post.  You
must be calming down some.

Oh yes! What can I say, betweentheeyes? LOL

With virtually all non rich Americans believing that if YOU STEAL
to develop into an all out class war, armed second American
Revolution, in the near future, needless to say.

Here we have Rockefeller's Rich Man's Mafia having criminally rigged
Obama into office and they are allowing Obama to criminally steal HALF
of the money out of all social security checks and military retirement
and disability checks, also! And who belongs to that Rich Man's
Mafia? Oh, just virtually all of our Rich! Now that does look
just like virtually all of our Rich are the ones who are criminally
stealing HALF of those money out of all of those social security
checks and military retirement and disability checks. It is no
wonder, that when we have a brand new class of SUPER RICH who we can
tax to get the funds so that money needs not be criminally stolen out
of those checks, that The SUPER RICH, and Rich, are not being taxed!

Yes sir, about ONE IN FIVE AMERICANS do get those checks,
betweentheeyes, so we have a case where our Rich and Super Rich are
criminally stealing huge amounts of money from almost one member in
every family in our nation! They are, very obviously, royally
busting their asses to GENOCIDE TO DEATH all non rich senior citizens
and disabled Americans, both military and civilian ... now that ought
to be more then enough to motivate the non rich to kill all of our
Rich and Super Rich, along with all of their political puppets,
also! LOL

Well, I keep waiting for The Sputnik Forces to kill in one night's
time the kind pins in that Rich Man's Mafia and to burn up their
recievers that they use to listen in those mind reading, thought
sending, sputnik lasers ... and then for The Sputnik Forces to total
mind control all kinds of people, who know The TRUTH about this all,
to become revolutionary leaders and to lead the people to kill off the
rest of our entire rich and ruling class and to FREE THE AMERICAN

After all, betweentheeyes, The Sputnik Forces are real, left wing,
COMMIES and trust me, commies love to do nothing more then to KILL THE
RICH AND THEIR POLITICAL PUPPETS ... along with all big name religious
clergy and naturally all Jews due to Jews criminally stealing that
land to build their Israel upon from those Arabs, etc.

You see, betweentheeyes, real commies always believe in POWER TO THE
PEOPLE ... and The People, now who are they? Oh, naturally, they are
that non rich! Commies greatly hate The Rich because they exploit,
for their person greed, all non rich. Therefore, commies always LOVE
TO BUTCHER ALL RICH and all of their political puppets, also!

Republicans and Democrats, like Reid, Pelosi, etc., none of them are
doing anything at all to stop more and more money from being
criminally stolen from all of those checks and to repay, with
interest, all that money that has already been criminally stolen from
those checks to stop this INTENTIONAL GENOCIDE OF ALL NON RICH senior
citizens and disabled Americans, both military and civilian!

So guess WHO The Sputnik Forces cares to butcher, betweentheeyes?
Right, all of our Super Rich, Rich, and their political puppets, which
are BOTH Republicans and Democrats, as our two major political
parties are both to far extreme right of any major political parties
in any first world nations today!

Yes sir, betweentheeyes, COMMIES always simply LOVE to BUTCHER THE
RICH, because they know that the rich always criminally exploit the
non rich! Like exactly how did The Sputnik Forces KNOW that if they
made The Rockefeller Family into the richest family upon our entire
planet that they would do this all, betweentheeyes? Oh, because The
Rich ALWAYS do this sort of treason, atrocities, crimes against
humanity, in order to get rich and stay rich ... they have been doing
it for thousands of years, no joke, if you check history ... in order
to stay rich, they must always enslave the masses, brainwash the
masses, etc., a fact of life!

and in this case that "YOU" does mean our entire rich and ruling
class, and just for the fun of it all, The American People will also
butcher with them, all Jews and big name religious clergy ... as they
are all PREDATORS who live like blood suckers off of the hard work of
us non rich, working folks! YAHOO! Like who needs them alive? NO
ONE ... we all just do not need them exploiting us, victimizing us,
brainwashing us, enslaving us, etc., etc., etc., at all ... no way ...
no joke!

Now there, is it not correct, betweentheeyes, that real, honest, LEFT
WING COMMIES who are always into POWER TO THE PEOPLE are always very
interested in butchering off the entire Rich and Ruling Class, along
with all Jews and big time clergy? I think so! LOL So doing
that should be The Sputnik Forces first choice in resolving this
entire matter ... the way I see things!

Nancy Ann Luft

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