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They also told me that they have the "right" to leave their
loaded handgun on the living room table in full view from the
public sidewalk!
That is true, but I doubt many many living room tables are in full
from a public sidewalk.

 You'd be surprised.
"I've got a right to leave it on my front porch! IT'S MY
These irresponsible Libertarians and NRA members need to be
If they existed in anything other than very small numbers......

 You'd be surprised.
If not dis-armed, this irresponsibility demonstrates the need for
the Federal government to require ALL handgun owners to buy and
use a heavy duty gun safe, when they leave home or the gun store.
When returning home, the gun owner can unlock his safe and have
his gun ready for protection. (Design,size and weight
specifications of the gun locker or safe to be determined by the
I already leave whatever guns I am not using in a half ton, four
combination lock, fire resistant gun safe that weighs a thousand
is bolted to a cement floor and in a room where to get it out one
remove two doors and a refrigerator.  What else would you like to

 Like to require everyone do the same as you. A $125 metal gun
locker (like Sentry); filled with 500lbs of bags of stones; bolted
to the wall or floor would do. In fact, ALL insurance companies
define such a locker as a "safe" for payment on insurance claims.

Still trying to push your POS sheet metal cabinet I see. At least
you're now trying to hide your advertising. However, you have yet to

1) that insurance companies require items to be stolen from a safe
for compensation
2) that your POS sheet metal locker qualifies as a "safe".

I will simply note that you are no longer even attempting to claim it
provides any real security, only that it allows one to get
compensation if theft occurs, which probably would occur even without
your product.

I will also note that in most cases the money they would spend on
your cabinet would be better spent making it harder to gain entry so
as to prevent the entire theft in the first place.- Hide quoted text

- Show quoted text -

It's not "my product"

Suggest to contact a few insurance companies and first see if they
insure guns; then check out the conditions that need to be met before
paying coverage. Sounds to me like you never have contacted an
insurance company,

I already have. My insurance company covers my guns (although I can also
purchase a separate rider where I name the value of them) and covers me
for liability up to the limit of my policy on any legal shoot within my

Sleep well tonight,

RD (The Sandman)

"No matter which side of an argument you are on,
you will always find some people on your side
that you wish were on the other side."

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