Re: More Cop's Guns Stolen

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What exactly is a strategic pistol? The tile in a game of "Clue?"

Pistols aren't strategic weapons, just tactical. Do you know the

Yes. A pistol intentionally left in sight of the enemy, to distract
him or lure him into a trap, would be a strategically used pistol,
even if the pistol itself is only a tactical weapon.

You guys would be funny if you didn't kill people.

We don't. You can't tell the difference between a gun owner and a
murderer. Until you do, substantive discussion isn't possible.

Your argument is strategic. The tactic is no discussion, resulting in
no changes to gun laws, which is your ultimate goal. Live (or die)
with it, but at least acknowledge that pro-gun's strategy endangers
the gun avoidance tactics of others.

Your strategy leaves dead people.

Bill Smith

Does it?

Yes, according the coroners' office.

Then you will have no problem citing the coroner's report that states his
strategy leaves dead people.

Personally, I think you're making this crap up as you go, but I'm willing to
give you a chance to prove you're not.