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Re: "Except at the time the Certificate of live birth could be used to
record a
birth outside the country"

Where did you get this information. From some reliable source, such as
the laws of Hawaii, or merely from a right-wing blog?

(1) At the time that Obama was born there was no law allowing children
born outside of Hawaii to get a Hawaiian birth document. He was born
in 1961 and the law that allowed issue of documents to people born
outside of Hawaii was passed in 1982.

(2) Even today, under the law passed in 1982 that allows Certificate
of Live Birth to be issued to people born outside of Hawaii, the law
does not allow the certificate to lie about the place of birth. Thus,
if you were born in New Jersey, at the most you can receive a Hawaii
Certificate that says: "Location of Birth: New Jersey."

Obama's Certification says exactly what the original in his file says,
"born in Hawaii." (Born in Honolulu to be precise.)

1. No attending physician signature or license number
2. No address for the attending physician or hospital
3. No parent signature
4. No parent DOB or age of parent or parent place of birth.
5. Father?s race would not be ?African?, that is country of origin. Race
would be black or Negro (1960?s)
6. Was this a single birth or multiple birth.
7. No Registrars name or signature.

So they hired that same guy that forged the documents that got Ran
rather fired...
Big deal....

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