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Only the Police should have guns, they will protect
Keep chanting that, maybe someone will believe it.

Protect me from what? I am smart enough to seek out
and live in a low crime area in the first place.

That's silly. Crime knows no boundaries. You just
haven't noticed yet. You will.

This happened in a gorgeous neighborhood:

"4/21/2006 Home Invader Nabbed By Webster Police
(Webster, NY) -- A 21-year-old Webster man is in the
Monroe County Jail charged with burglary and resisting
arrest after breaking into two homes overnite. Webster
Police say the homeowner of a Brooktree Lane residence
heard intruder the inside his home around 2:00 this
morning then confronted him. The man and his wife fled
their own home. When Webster police arrived, Timothy
Hicks was coming out the front door. Hicks was finally
taken into custody with assistance from several
officers. Investigators report Hicks also broke into
another Webster home on Appian Drive prior to the
Brooktree Lane home invasion. According to police,
those homeowners spotted Hicks but did not confront
him. During his arraignment in Webster Town Court,
early this morning, Hicks was ordered to undergo a
mental health evaluation."
Another gorgeous neighborhood:

Third Arrest Made In Wayne County Home Invasion
Robbery (Gananda, NY) -- Authorities report a third
arrest in a Wayne County home invasion robbery in
January. Officers arrested Kenyada Peterkin in
Rochester on Friday. Peterkin and the two other
defendants are suspected members of an Asian gang.
Investigators say the three men currently in custody
are the only ones suspected in the robbery of the
home on Sunrise Drive." Your logic is flawed. Your neighborhood does
not have
a magical bubble protecting it.

I am not the one that collects clips of crimes
wondering when I will be the next victim.

I don't keep clips. I easily searched for those via a
local online news source.

Just 5 minutes from my home, there was another incident
two years back in which two guys broke into a lovely
home, tied up the husband and wife, stuffed them in the
trunk of their car, and then robbed the house. Criminals
like that are explicitly asking you to kill them. It
would cost under five dollars to honor their request,
assuming you used fancy ammunition. You have to be
really selfish to refuse to honor their request.

You sound like a terrified paranoid individual.

No, not at all. If a neighbor stops by and says "Help!
I'm out of eggs.", I'm happy to give them some eggs. If
a criminal stops by and says "Help! My parents never
taught me good judgement.", I'm happy to teach them,
using whatever means is appropriate at the moment. Why
are you so selfish?

Normal people don't go around with loaded guns.

Go tell a cop "You're not normal." Let me know what
he/she says. Do it today. And by the way, at least one
of your friends walks around with a loaded gun. You're
not aware of it, but they do.

Wahahaha....Wait.I thought you say not to reply on cops.
You can handle it yourself. This response is assanine.
Cops get paid to put thier lives on the line for others.
Nothing is in it for you buyt some sick joy thinking you
are somehw normal.

You think everyone should be as loony as you. This is
what you are so angry about.

I'm not angry. Now, tell me: If you find an intruder in
your home at 3:00 AM, how do you know that person is not
going to harm you?

Shoot first and let GOD sort it out, right? I have early
warning systems in place and would never wake to find a
criminal anywhere on my land. What would YOU do? Would
you ask "Who is there? I have a gun!!" Tell us how you
would react.
I found myself inside the home of by accident and could
have been shot if you had anything to say a about it.
Have you ever visited someone in a large home in a
neighborhood where all the houses look alike and are so
close together that one can not even find a place to
park? Some of these homes have been converted to
apartments where you enter the front door and walk up to
a door and knock. It is easy to confuse one from the
other if your friends car is parked two houses down and
both buildings are white. You walk in the door like the
last time and climb a flight of stairs to find you are
knocking at someone's bedroom door. Should you expect
the last thing you hear to be a cocked gun because you
have entered the home of a gun kooker? Do you have links
to this type of occurrence or do you think it never
happens and don't really give a shit? 30% of gun owners
that are killed are shot with their own weapon. Ask
drunken Dick Cheney if he still goes off cocked with a
half cocked weapon.
Do you sleep with a loaded gun under your pillow? Do you
ever expect to awaken by the sound of broken glass? I
bet you dream of that day don't you?

I assume your early warning system is a dog. That's not
an option for me.

Why should you assume anything? I live within hearing distance of a school
and many students use the surrounding area for various reasons including
short cuts and escape routes. Hangouts and pit stops are visible from my top
floor and sometimes an odor is detectable. As harmless as I am sure it is I
still have security devices with battery backup to warn me when someone is
on my land. Cameras record any motion night or day along with recorded
sounds. Some cameras are visible to act as a deterrent. There is no chance
that all devices will fail simultaneously what-so-ever. If a dog takes a
piss on a bush I can tell you who it belongs to. The worst thing that has
happened has been some tomato thieves and I sent the father a bill along
with the snap shots of the kids in my garden.

About not locking your doors at night: It only takes a
second to lock your doors. If you don't do it, it's
because you're trying to prove a point. Tell me a good
reason to leave them Unlocked. A practical reason.

Many times I walk into the yard to speak to a neighbor and wander off for a
cup of coffee. This happens all the time in my area. Not many people
barricade their home while watering their lawn. Doors and windows are left
open to let in air. Sometimes I walk into Joe's kitchen and grab a beer and
yell "Hey Joe, What's up". Things have not changed in many neighborhoods in
my area in decades. There are nice teens everywhere and we all get along
fine. Sort of like a neighborhood watch if one was needed. Just like the
olden days. You knock on the front door of a friend and he yells "come on in
the door's open". I love it here in the burbs.

About the rest: Maybe you're right. Convince me. Let's
use a hypothetical situation. Your early warning system
fails, and you (meaning SPECIFICALLY YOU) find an
intruder in your home. What would you do?

You tell me when THAT would happen. More likely that your gun would misfire
or your invader would have snuck in while your were asleep, if you ever do.

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