Re: unsuccessful robber shot himself in the foot

"Thomas Reynolds" <tom.reynolds1@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
CHERRYVILLE, N.C. (AP) - Authorities said an unsuccessful robber shot
himself in the foot ... by shooting himself in the foot. Police said
Ethelbert Roberts, 28, botched his plans to rob a Cherryville convenience
store by accidentally shooting his right foot.

According to an arrest warrant, Roberts dropped a .45-caliber handgun in
front of Gasland USA on Sunday. The gun hit the ground and went off, a
bullet striking Roberts in the foot.

Roberts faces several charges that include attempted robbery with a
dangerous weapon and possession of a weapon of mass destruction. Police
the handgun had been altered to fire .410 shotgun shells.

Authorities said Roberts was in illegal possession of the gun because of
felony cocaine possession conviction in 2002 in Chautauqua County, New

Cherryville is about 40 miles northwest of Charlotte.

Sounds like the boy had himself a Judge. I wonder if the police just don't
know about the Judge and just assumed the gun had been modified.