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In the first place one's car is one's property and the Employer has no
right to search it, or even know what is in it.

You bring that car onto my property and guess what? You forfeit your

The NRA has its head up its ass on this one.

Buck you're off base here. You are comparing possesion vice action. I do
not give up my rights because I'm on private property, that's another
slippery slope. If it's in a car and not in plain sight it really is
else's business. Actions taken with it, however are.

That's the whole point here. Possessing a gun does not you a killer just
like possessing a bottle of hooch doesn't make you a drunk. It's your
actions that matter. And that's all.

Here's the deal. If you come on my property and I don't want guns on
my property than you CAN'T bring them. That's the rule for my

If you're wearing a Brady T-Shirt I'm gonna ask you to leave. If you
have Brady T-shirts in your car I'm going to ask you to leave. If I
THINK you have them in your car I'm going to ask to look and if you
don't let me, that's fine- get off my property.

Slippery slope indeed. Are you telling me that YOUR right to carry
extends to MY property? I don't think so, Tim.

Now, if you were carrying and you were a friend of mine, I wouldn't
care. Come on in and I'll show you the nice little Springfield Armory
EMP I just bought. But if you're someone I don't know, or someone I
don't like, you're NOT carrying on my property, no matter WHAT rights
you think you have. As an example, if you were someone I didn't like
and I thought you might be carrying, I might ask to search you. If you
say no, then you have to leave.

I hope I've made myself clear here. I'm talking about MY rights on MY

This extends to companies. If they don't want you to have a gun in
your car on THEIR property, they are within their rights, in my
opinion. You are within your rights to work elsewhere.

Try putting a "No coloreds" sign up and see how that goes. The precedent

I can certainly keep ANYONE off my property I want to, unless they
have a search warrant. I have a "NO DEMOCRATS" sign now that works
pretty well.

Is this illegal?

Let me try and understand your position, Frank. Are you saying I have
no control over you if you voluntarily come onto my property? That I
can't ask you to leave if you're carrying a gun and I don't want you

No guns allowed = Free Fire Zone.