Re: Increased gun crime in Britain

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On Aug 26, 11:21 pm, Phil Smythe <smy...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Therefore would you explain what was your basis for claiming "Gun
crime in Britan has doubled" given that the article you posted does
not support this claim.

Wasn't my claim, whole text copied and pasted from another source.

Sorry I didn't check the every aspect of the technical correctness of
something I posted, would you demand the same level of technical
correctness from an anti-gun poster?

He doesn't even demand that same level of technical correctness from

RD (The Sandman)

"Once you sacrifice rights, it's hard to get those rights protected

Senator Dianne Feinstein, on White House pressure to expand government
surveillance, meant for suspected terrorists.

Too bad she doesn't feel that way about other rights like the right to
keep and bear arms.