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Too bad you have neither a brain nor a spine.

Well, I've never had a gun (unlike you), never lived in fear of not
having a gun (unlike you), and I'm still here.

The funny thing is, I'd probably be in more danger if I were around a
group of people like the ones in this forum than anyplace else. I've
CERTAINLY never been threatened as much as I have been in this
newsgroup. If there was EVER a time when I might have needed a gun,
it would be in a room full of people like YOU. I've lost count of
how many times I've been threatened here, yet not once have I ever
threatened anyone. What a LOVELY bunch of people here!

Leif speaking: You are right, Spaz. The need for a gun is, for most
people, vastly oversold. I'm older than practically anyone, and I've
never felt the need for a gun except when serving overseas during
World War II. I've never had a relative, friend, neighbor, or co-
worker tell me that he might have saved himself from assault if he had
only been armed. A lifestyle that requires a gun is a lifestyle
that's likely to be short.

Excuse me, Leif, others have experiences that vary from yours. I agree
that most do not need a gun the vast majority of the time. However, I
have never needed fire insurance or a fire extinguisher in my home
either, yet I have both. I have faced a firearm twice when I had none of
my own with me.......never again.

BTW, as far as that short life you commented on, I have a good lifestyle
comparable to good living and I am 68.

RD (The Sandman)

"Once you sacrifice rights, it's hard to get those rights protected

Senator Dianne Feinstein, on White House pressure to expand government
surveillance, meant for suspected terrorists.

Too bad she doesn't feel that way about other rights like the right to
keep and bear arms.- Hide quoted text -

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Leif speaking: Every adult can play the odds to suit himself, as long
as he does it within the limits of the law. Fire insurance, of
course, never ever blew away anyone, although it has blown holes in a
lot of wallets.

As for Senator Feinstein (if your comment is intended to relate to
the Second Amendment): Perhaps the senator correctly understands the
Second Amendment as protecting the security of the people as a
community rather than the security of the people as individuals.