Re: Attack on California gun show, help !!

Maverick <MyMailB@xxxxxxxxx> said:

The legislation is part of a push to restrict guns in San
Francisco. Earlier this month, Newsom signed legislation
that required residents to keep their guns in lock boxes or
have trigger locks on their firearms.

The law also made it illegal to possess or sell firearms on
city and county property and requires firearm dealers to
submit an inventory to the police chief every six months.

Just makes good sense. They should also get background checks
on private gun sales as well as FFL.

Harris said 85 percent of the city's homicides committed in
the last three years were gun deaths, compared to 60
percent in 2001. City officials say they know some guns are
sold illegally after the gun show.

"It is time to stop throwing up our hands and start rolling
up our sleeves. There are just too many illegal firearms on
our city streets," she said.

The end to lobbyist dictation of gun laws is nigh.


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