Re: Anti-Gun Hysteria!

swamp <swampmunge@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in

In any case, basement/garage guys can't compete w/ mass manufacturers;
there's more to cooking than following a recipe.

You need to learn that basement/garage guys aren't trying to compete
w/mass manufacturers. They are making a gun for their own use, not to
sell on the mass market. Big difference. If I need a refined, nice
craftsmenship, full functioning, utter reliable pistol like a Glock, I
can make a serviceable zip gun for under $20 that will get me that Glock.
Or a Remington 700BDL. Or a Mannlicher. Or a Weatherby. Perhaps, I
will even get yours. ;)

Sleep well tonight.........RD (The Sandman)

Antigunners feel that this is a proper study on Gun control:

First: Draw the desired curve
Then: Plot the data
If time permits: Do the experiment