Re: Right to bear arms applies to militias only, city tells court

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Right to bear arms applies to militias only, city tells court

It seems to me that if "they" manage to do away with the Second
Amendment, there'll be a militia in place the very next day, armed.
Despite the feverish belief of those on the left, the cops aren't
anxious to go around confiscating firearms from their citizens and
neighbors. One cop on the Fremont CA force told me that they would
refuse such an order, saying that they only have 90 or so cops and
aren't interested in doing something that would cut that number by half
each and every day. The cost of confiscation is too high for the
confiscators, so what are you going to do? Wish the guns away?

Laugh laugh laugh

Yeah, you wouldn't be lauging if you lived in New Orleans when the CA
highway patrol and National Guard came around shoving M16s in your face
and beating up little old ladies to gather up guns (which obviously are
needed most in times when law enforcement is almost totally absent and
looting rampant). Clearly SOME Amercans stood ready to shoot other
Americans to gather up lawful property for those in power. And I
didn't notice any guns being pryed out of "cold dead hands" either! As
near as I can tell the little old lady put up the biggest fight of any
of the gun owners.

Not to forget that New Orleans was pretty well emptied out when Government
took its dry run. I don't think they'd be as successful in a city that was
fully populated, armed, and ready. Even if Government was really really
sneaky (which it isn't) they'd maybe get two or three homes before the word