Re: Rights aren't absolute, right?

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Brad Delp <Boston@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote :

Abortion is not murder at all.
That is merely a sick Christian wive's tale,

I'm not a Christian and I think it is.

and you refuse to acknowledge that, as YOU are a male that can't get pregnant with an unwanted one!


How many pregnant males do you know?

Why do you want the impregnated victim of a rape, and that child that
you want to come to full term, become victims, lonely, sad, and etc?

Why should a baby be killed because of a crime the father committed?

I say punish the father, even kill him in the act, but don't kill the baby for it.

YOu also say that as a person who has no responsibility for the raising, care and feeding of that child for life.

How incredibly CRUEL and heartless to force a rape victim to bear and then raise for 18 yrs a child she had no say in conceiving.
Not to mention the trauma she'd remember just seeing the child.

Exactomundo!! She has no intention of getting pregnant (even by her boyfriend whom she intends to marry) and along comes a rapist and some think she should be saddled for life with that outcome. Unbelievable.


Sleep well, tonight.....

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