Re: Latest Australian Crime Data

Peter Franks wrote:
Phil Smythe wrote:
2005 Crime Victims data was recently released and shows positive signs
in relation gun crime.

Interesting. Taking firearms out of circulation apparently has reduced
the number of (some) crimes committed with firearms.


The following is on the rise:

Assault (pg. 4)
Sexual assault (ibidem)
Robbery (pg. 5)
Blackmail/extortion (ibidem)
Murder w/ a knife (pg. 9)
Murder w/ weapon other than firearm/knife (ibidem)
Robbery w/ a knife (ibidem)
Robbery w/ weapon other than firearm/knife (ibidem)

Pity you only looked at the movements for a single year rather than
what has happened in the 10 odd years since tougher gun laws.

But lets look at what you highlighted. First was assualt. Problem is
that with assault firearms are involved in less than half a percent of
cases. Clearly a law that can affect such a minute fraction of such a
crime has virtually no impact whatsoever on the occurrence of such a
crime. Likewise with sexual assault. And with blackmail/extortion.

I'll explain this point once more because it seems to be eluding a
number of people. A firearm law will only effect those crimes where
firearms are involved, either offensively or defensively. In Australia
ONLY three crimes fit that category, murder, attempted murder and armed
robbery. All three are reporting lower rates than pre 1996 gun law
changes. Those same gun laws DO NOT influence rates of assualt
etcetera, just as they do not influence "crime" in general which many
in here seem to think it should. Defensive gun uses are extremely rare
and always have been, therefore no change there; offensive gun uses
down, defensive gun use unchanged.

Stay out of the Canberra, crime there is mostly the same or on the
rise... Since 1996:

Murder is up (pg. 27)
Sexual assault is up (ibidem)
Armed and unarmed robbery are both up (ibidem)
Unlawful entry with intent is up (ibidem)
Motor vehicle theft is up (ibidem)

Well spotted, 3 murders in Canberra in 1994, 4 in 2005. Likewise armed
robbery, 98 to 108. These are clearly HUGE increases which only you
appear to have noticed.

Anyone know if it is more enjoyable to be stabbed or beaten to death as
opposed to shot?

Not me, only a dead person could answer rthat.

While all this has been happening the 1996 gun laws have achieved their
stated primary aim, to reduce the possibility of firearm mass murder*.

I didn't see the stats on mass murders in your referenced document.
Could you point out the page that talks about that?

No stats because there have been no occurrances.

Since 1996 there have been no firearm mass murders.

Have there been any non-firearm mass murders since 1996? If so, what
were the implements of death, and what is the occurrence curve?

Yes. All 'no weapon' I believe. As for the "occurance curve" I've not
seen one. I do know however that the Australian Institute of
Criminology noted that in the dozen or so years leading up to 1996
Australia had experienced firearm mass murders on an annual basis.


No problem. If you dig up any info on that non-firearm mass murders
since 1996 occurrence curve please post it.