Re: A Model, American Firearms Policy (Long)

"Homespun Inc." <homespuninc@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in

So you assert, however you were most adamant that the line should NOT
include weapons that can be used for self defense. So since you draw
a line that would prohibit machine guns then it's makes sense to ask
you if you consider machine guns to be unuseable for self defense.
Otherwise your line doesn't make sense within the context of what you
have asserted needs to be protected as a "fundimental right".

I'm discussing where the line should be drawn. I don't believe that
crew served and fixed position machine guns fall into the category of
purely "self" defense. They go beyond it. You right to "self"
defense is just that-- no more.

My right to self defense is whatever is available that I can use. If it
is a knife or a cannon.

Sleep well tonight.........RD (The Sandman)

People discuss self defense as if you have as much time to do it in as
they have to discuss it. In reality, you have a flash to identify the
threat and react. Whether or not you actually pull the trigger is
something that you have a microsecond to decide and a lifetime
to live with.