Re: Public Apology to Bill from John P. re: Military Service

pohaku.kane@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Karl Hungus wrote:
> > "Airto Moreíra" <Brazil@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> > news:kPEpf.39294$L7.18180@xxxxxxxxxxx
> > > John P wrote:
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> > >> "Airto Moreíra" wrote in a message
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> > >>>Also, "Bill" has no reason to be apologized to...
> > >>
> > >>
> > >> It was the deal I made. Bill lived up to his end of the bargain and I was
> > >> bound to live up to mine.
> > >
> > >
> > > I honor your decision.
> >
> >
> > Then you shouldn't have questioned it in the first place.
> It is unlikely that a late poster to this thread, Airto Moreíra, was
> aware of the earlier exchange. He "questioned it" to obtain
> information, that he then responded to honorably. We are over 700
> postings so far.
> Your need to vilify someone for not knowing, and upon finding out more
> information responding honestly says a great deal about you. Too much
> perhaps.
> Or had you something you wished to contribute and are just bashful and
> a slow starter?
> I too apologize publically to Bill for calling his service into
> question, (certainly for nothing else though) and will happily post my
> own records should he ask, as I invited him to request after posting
> his.
> I do feel, however, as others, that his records are questionable. He
> put "something" up, so obscured as to be laughable. Yet I'll still
> honor my promise to him should he make the request. It is a DoD 214
> document.
> John's honorable response to keep his word, regardless, as long as it
> looked like anyone's discharge papers, and Bill's posting of what does
> in fact, with NO prior clarifying answers as he was asked, bring
> considerable question to my mind of the validity.
> I can see though, given that I have some training, military
> intelligence operations training in photo interpretation, why he was
> reluctant to post clear, easily read, or for that matter any
> information.
> If you can read the DD214 he posted and can make out the various
> details and fill in the blanks as I can (my own DD214 is exactly the
> same form, so I know what belongs were, and what certain phrases mean,
> and what the missing bits filled in spell out) you'd see my point.
> Nevertheless, if that is his DD214, and he did indeed serve honorably
> he can assume my apology for doubting he had. He did work at obscuring
> it didn't he though. Only he knows the truth at this if he
> lied and put up something else from someone else, he has to live with
> himself.
> Considering his many post's contents, his displayed ignorance of
> military matters (his specialty may help explain fault
> intended...I was a desk jockey most of my service) along with his
> insulting other veterans, brought his credibility into question by his
> own creation.
> Now if he wishes, just as I promised, I will endeavor to post mine.
> It will take a few days, and he certainly took his time, as my old
> Visioneer scanner will not work with my XP "upgrade" (isn't that a
> laughable term though) and I have considerable ice and snow to drive
> through for about 10 miles over mountain roads to my nearest friend
> with a scanner and CD burner. If they plow I might get out today. So I
> await the request.
> So he or for that matter as I previously stated, anyone wishing to see
> my discharge papers, with conderably clearer resolution by the way
> though five years older than his, need only request it.
> Frankly I had forgotten that I have military service I should have been
> prouder of. Thanks to John P, Scout, and others, such as PLMerite that
> reminded me.

Cut the garbage! Post your proof of service or eat crow!
> Peace and happy Christmas to you if you are Christian, otherwise, make
> the best of it,
> Q{}:o } ho ho ho ho ho


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