Re: How Often Do Americans Use Guns for Defensive Purposes

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>>>> > How Often Do Americans Use Guns for
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>>>> > Larry Elder | September 1, 2005
>>>> **The actual answer should be very easy to work out. Comb through
>>>> police
>>>> reports and tabulate the results. Anything else is just wild
>>>> speculation.
>>> Reasonable, if we can define a "DGU". For example, if the police report
>>> that the offender had a gun, and it was taken away and used against
>>> him, is
>>> that a DGU? If the defender CLAIMS to have a gun, and the offender buys
>>> it
>>> (hey, I'm with the guy in this case, but..) does that count? Define the
>>> term,
>>> then we can start combing.
>>**Let's make it easy. Where the defender prevents imminent bodily harm, by
>>using a gun which was legally purchased and owned by the defender. Kleck,
>>al, claim 2.5 MILLION DGUs each year. That's more than 6,800 each and
>>day in the US. Surely someone could come up TEN on any ONE given day in
>>US? Surely? I've been requesting this information for several years. Not
>>once has anyone been able to provide TEN verifiable (i.e.: Police
> And about the ones not reported?

**What about them, indeed?

> Is a woman not raped if she doesn't report it?

**I don't know. Is she?

>>DGUs on any one given day in the US. OTOH, we KNOW that there are around
>>DGUs, resulting in the death of the perp each year in the US.
>>Maybe, just maybe, these alleged 2.5 million (or even 500,000) DGUs are
>>in the minds of some people than actual fact.
> And the 80,000 figure published by the Department of Justice?

**That figure, whilst more plausible than the nonsense sprouted by Lott, et
al, is STILL wild speculation.

Trevor Wilson