Re: New Orleans: Law & Order and Guns.

Chris Morton said:

>In article
>Stalin says...
>>Bill Smith said:
>>>I think you missed my point. I don't think certain elements of the
>>>people of San Francisco would behave any better than certain elements
>>>of the people of New Orleans given the same level of disaster.
>>I might also say that San Francisco is not New Orleans. There is no
>>Duke to poison the atmosphere and convince half the population that the
>>other half would clap the chains back on given a quarter of a chance.
>>I mentioned before that I respected Charleton Heston for coming right
>>and saying basically that "We need guns to protect ourselves from the
>>blacks". That's what lots of people are thinking, regardless of whether

>Strange that you have no such quote.

>Not strange that you'll never produce one.

What do you glean from what Mr Heston said?

>The history of gun control in the United States is largely the history
>supremacism in the United States. It's advocates generally demonstrate
>that's still the case.

Amazing. Look at the filt splattered all over this forum, with racial
epithets of the basest kind strewn everywhere by people who are, shall we
say, "pro-gun". It's right there for you to see, and yet you aver that it
is "gun-controllers" who are racists? Orwell would be proud ;-)