Re: How Well Did New Oreans Do With Citizen Guns?

On 02 Sep 2005, PagCal <pagcal@xxxxxxxxxx> said in

> Lets see:
> 1. They started taking pot shots at helicoper rescue
> vehicles.
> 2. Armed gangs roamed the streets terrifying residents.
> They'd rob you or loot any store they happened apon.
> 3. It wasn't safe to leave the Super Dome, as you'd be
> robbed at gunpoint.
> 4. They broke into a Wal-Mart and stole all the guns and
> ammo.
> 5. Fire departments refused to roll without Army
> protection, as they'd get shot at.
> ---
> Basically, these gun owners turned into thugs that even now
> are complicating the rescue.

I didn't see any NRA members offering to wade into New Orleans
and protect people from armed looters, but they're brave as
hell guarding our southern border from unarmed migrant

You never hear about NRA vigilantes guarding the Canadian
border. Those border crossers must be a shade too white for
vigilante purposes.


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The Lone Weasel