Re: Are Guns Really a Friend of Freedom?

"Stalin" <Stalin@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Stalin said:
>>> But I also know what Washington was not: namely he was most certainly
> not
>>> a commander of a guerilla army of citizen-soldiers. He wasn't.
>>So tell us.....who were these men before they joined Washington?
>>Mercenaries? Career military men?
> Well, I rather suspect that that's a bit of micro-history that neither you
> or I are equipped to answer. I'll admit that I have no idea what Private
> Vandenberg or Corporal Hodge or Lieutenant McTavish did to earn their
> bread prior to throwing in their lot with Washington.

Perhaps, but you should be able to show me, at least, that the overwhelming
majority of them were soldiers because otherwise how can you assert he
wasn't the commander of an army of citizen-soldiers?

He certainly was the commander of a guerilla army in the early days since he
couldn't and didn't want a frontal confrontation but rather attacked targets
of opportunity in hit and run guerilla tactics.