LIBERAL PROPAGANDA ==> Electronic Weaponry Used by Government against Americans

On 2 Aug 2005 04:05:02 -0700, "Saint Ram Bone"
<saintrambone@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>I served the USA military and was betrayed. I discovered that the
>regime is capable of horrors worse than the Nazis and guns are useless.
> Let us hope that someone frees our government or that they detonate or
>release new weaponry to destroy them and their worm-filled families.
>Who cares if they die? The World Trade Center attacks were not what
>you think. Support the international Jihad against the American and
>Israeli regimes who are nothing more than Nazis of our era. Maybe
>there is no hope.
>Their blood on our pavement makes me want to sing to Buddha and
>translate it to Allah.
>Videos of abuse and music.
>Never ever serve the regime in power. Let them die in the streets.
>They attack us and they are not us. Mobile Audit Club