Petition: Vet School Worker Beat Puppies to Death (Absolutely Sickening!)

Please sign and cross-post. Be the voice of the 7 poor puppies who did
not have a fighting chance. Do not let this B!%@# Monster get away
with this heinous act!!!

This petition calls for the Athens-Clarke County DA to vigorously
prosecute and seek the maximum penalties for the beating of the litter
of 7 puppies to death in Athens-Clarke County. If Ashley Council is
found guilty, we demand that the DA seek the maximum, no plea deals
and with provisions that she is forbidden to ever own or work around
animals again.

From conflicting reports, it is still unclear if Ms. Council still
works at the GA Vet Hospital. If she still does, we urge the
University of Georgia Veterinary Teaching Hospital to immediately
suspend Ashley Council pending the outcome of the trial and immediate
termination if she is found guilty. We believe that anyone who is
charged with multiple animal abuse felony offenses should not be
employed at a vet school.

UGA Student Charged with Killing Puppies Denies Accusations
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Published on: 10/02/07

A University of Georgia student has been charged with seven felony
counts of animal cruelty for allegedly beating a litter of puppies to

Athens police said Ashley Council, 20, violently killed the weeks-old
puppies and left them in a box behind a convenience store last month.

Police traced a shipping label on the box, which originally held a
comforter from JCPenney, to Council. Animal control officers also
found a long metal pipe on top of the box that held the seven puppies'
bodies. Council was arrested early Thursday morning and taken to
Athens Clarke County jail. She was released on $7,000 bond, $1,000 per

Athens-Clarke County Police Detective Rebecca Taft said the puppies
were covered with bruises and some had open wounds. "They suffered,"
Taft said. "They were all huddled together in a little bunch."

Taft said the black, tan and white puppies were a small breed mix and
she estimated their age between seven and eight weeks old.

Council was a part-time student clerical worker and her job did not
involve contact with animals, vet school spokeswoman Tracy Giese said
in an e-mail. Taft said Council adopted a dachshund from Animal
Control in June. She called Animal Control the morning she allegedly
killed the puppies to ask about surrendering them. She was told she
could bring the puppies in, said Patrick Rives, animal control

"She was told all she had to do was live in Clarke County and it
wasn't a problem." The student was not supposed to have dogs in her
apartment, Taft said.

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Student Denies Beating Puppies to Death
The Red and Black:

Excerpt: "Whatever happened was unintentional," said Ashley Rose
Council, a junior from Ellenwood, in a telephone interview Tuesday
with The Red & Black. "This isn't anything I'd do."

"Rives (Animal Control Superintendent) said officers traced the
puppies to a call from a woman earlier that morning inquiring if there
was a limit of animals she could surrender to animal control. She told
animal control she had seven puppies she wanted to put in the shelter.
An officer told the woman there was no limit if she was an ACC
resident and recommended she spay the adult dog, the report said."

"If convicted, Council faces up to five years in prison and a $15,000
fine per felony count."

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