Re: Insect Collection Cruelty

rick wrote:
> "Dr Phred" <drphred@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:1125087075.275748.21870@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> > I'm not sure how I'm killing things by posting to usenet.
> >===================
> Of course you're not. Like all good ar fools, you remain
> willfully ignorant of your impact, and instead focus only on what
> you think others are doing. Try researching power generation and
> distribution and communications, hypocrite.

So ricky....if he *didn't* post to usenet, how many bugs' lives would
be saved?

(p.s. Are you the bug genius now?)

> Then get back with us on why YOU think it's ok to contribute to
> all those deaths just for your selfish, unnecessary
> entertainment.