God, free will, etc.

I no longer believe there is an All-Powerful benefactor, a God, since suffering exists and suffering is not beneficial

there might be a creator and alpha spirit, a Lord, who created us with free will, and with that free will we and our ancestors and associates brought suffering upon ourselves

in terms of cosmology I can't say that there is a atheistic explanation that requires less blind faith than creation



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    ... I would also challenge the expression "wilful production of atrocities" as if that were the direct divine purpose rather than the indirect result of allowing humans to have free will; yes that free will is in the divine purpose and its consequences are accepted by God. ... I fully recognise that it is extremely strong evidence against the idea of a perfectly good, perfectly loving, interventionist God. ... And I think that there are very many other Christians who believe similarly, though often they may not have the formal theological knowledge or language to say so. ... Each one is also called to share in that suffering through which the Redemption was accomplished. ...
    ... If what you believe in is true, then I should suspect that god wouldnt just pick & choose who he blesses, but would give it all out equally, yet based on the numbers in which ppl are dying of extreme poverty elsewhere int he world, I suspect that hes not blessing many ppl where poverty kills. ... These children are suffering in ways that you and I cant even imagine. ...
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    ... Does he answer the door? ... "Is God willing to prevent evil, ... not care or that I make light, in the slightest degree, of suffering. ... Humans are an integral part of nature, ...
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    ... IIRC Ray is unique even among creationists for arguing ... Is God punishing us by unleashing yet another nasty bug upon us? ... Suffering has a random component. ... Genesis advocates evolution is incredibly ignorant or a double agent. ...
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    ... Why else would God give us this Revelation ... Have I read what the House of Justice says about society? ... The Writings say the reason we have tests and difficulties is for our own ... Are you saying that society is not suffering? ...