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Nancy Macdonald shared Anti-Republican Crusaders's photo.
"One of Ann Romney?s horses, Rafalca, qualified today to compete
in the London ...
--13 hours ago
Evangeline Gray:
These people have no business pretending that they understand
what the average family must endure. I wish one of them would
just come out and say, "We're rich----and you're not." Ha! I
thought she was talking about being a stay-at-home mom to kids,
but she was referring to this horse (which probably has a slew
of nannies, too.)
--11 hours ago
David Polewka:
What the avg. family must endure: Paved roads, indoor plumbing,
mechanized agriculture, quality control of food & water,
sanitary sewer systems, planes/trains/buses/automobiles,
automatic heating & air, timely weather reports, radio/TV/
internet, electronic banking/payments, civil society, modern
infrastructure, spectacular variety of leisure activities,
easy access to encyclopedic knowledge, tremendous variety of
meat/grain/fruits/vegetables/beverages/pain meds, sanitary
packaging for all of the above, etc etc.
--2 hours ago