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"Beyond Good and Evil" and "The Antichrist, Ecce Homo, Twilight of the
Idols,.." from Cambridge University Press are superbly translated.  If
these aren't all that good is Nietzsche's fault not my daughter's!

Are those the ones that Hollingdale did?

No, they are the ones my daughter did.

I'm confused. Holingdale did some translations of Nietzsche.

Why would you think that Holingdale is the only person ever to do
translations of Nietzsche?

For Cambridge, since you mentioned Cambridge. He and some other people
did some for Cambridge.

Yes.  Some other people.  He did 'Untimely Meditations" and "Human,
All Too Human."  Other people did the rest, at least six other
volumes.  My daughter did two of them.