Re: Could creationists be on the 'dumb' list?

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On 2/3/2012 10:46 AM, Mark Buchanan wrote:

Conservatives and racists just might be a little dumber than average:

Creationism fits the bill for simplifying reality.


Why do they lump conservatives with racists?
It is liberals who generally judge people by skin color, the current
U.S. president being an excellent example. The Civil Rights Act was only
passed because of conservative Republicans heavily supporting LBJ
against opposition from his own party. There are many other examples I
could mention, but this is OT.

Yes it is, but since you mentioned it anyway, your description is very
misleading. Assuming you're referring to the Civil Rights Act of
1964, the political parties which voted on it were very different then
than now. The Democratic Party then included a large bloc of
Dixiecrats, politicians mostly from the South along with a few
southern sympathizers, which voted as a bloc against Republicans out
of a habit going back to the Civil War. Indeed, the existence of this
coalition is one of the reasons Johnson (from Texas) became Senate
Majority Leader, then Vice-President, then President on Kennedy's
assassination. It is this bloc which voted against the Civil Rights

For good or ill, the passage of the Civil Rights Act destroyed that
coalition. Since that time, those former Democrats, such as John
Connally, and their successors, switched affiliation to Republicans,
the former Party of Lincoln and anti-slavery. Nowadays they vote as a
bloc against Democratic reforms, just as they once did against
Republicans. The Republican Party of today is a classic example of
the tail wagging the dog.

There does seem to be a correlation between racism and intelligence, though.